Our brands

Eptisa's structure comprises several companies, of which Eptisa Servicios de Ingeniería S.L. is the flagship. Engineering, information technologies are among its most important activities.

In the field of information technologies, in 1991, Eptisa established the company Eptisa Tecnologías de la Información S.A.,now leaders in geographic information systems, as well as technological consulting services.

And active in Romania since 1994, Eptisa established Eptisa Romania SRL in 2004, with headquarters in Bucharest.

Eptisa Romania is one of the best known engineering and consultancy company on the Romanian market, which sucessfully implemented 70 projects with a cumulated investments value over 2,7 billion Euro, these figures being directly connected to the company's growing activity and dynamics.

Since beginning, Eptisa Romania continuously developed and widened its services. In the present, a complex team of more than 150 professionals guarantee the complete management of multidisciplinary projects, covering activity areas such as water and environmental protection, transport, civil and industrial constructions and institutional development.