Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Eptisa applies principles of sustainability to projects for the development of society

Over-exploitation of the planet compromises its sustainability and the resources available for future generations. Engineering is an essential component of environmental conservation, the recovery of natural areas, water and waste management and the search for alternative energy sources to ensure a sustainable future. We understand that progress entails protection of the environment, and therefore Eptisa integrates policies associated with sustainable development into its strategic planning.

Eptisa’s Management carries out an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance to UNE-EN ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Eptisa works to mitigate the environmental impact caused by its activities through a programme of environmental sustainability best practices aimed at reducing the consumption of resources and proper waste management. The environmental management system implemented by Eptisa defines the Company's commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Integration of the Values of Environmental Sustainability within Services and Products

With respect to integrating sustainability within our services and products, each of Eptisa’s business units develops and implements detailed operational plans to protect environmental sustainability. Among others, these include:


In the transport sector Eptisa is committed to optimising mobility in order to minimise the environmental and economic impact in order to enhance well-being without over-exploiting the resources of the earth.


In the energy sector Eptisa focuses on saving energy, the search for new sources of energy and the design of energy-efficient facilities and infrastructures, collaborating in several developing countries in the renewable energy development programs.


In the water sector Eptisa is committed to improving people's access to water all over the world by providing its know-how and engineering and managerial services. Eptisa works with multilateral agencies on projects to improve water supply and sanitation infrastructure in developing countries.