Commitment to our Professionals

Eptisa is committed to the welfare and professional development of its Professionals

Technical Resources Department

Eptisa promotes training, creativity and synergy among its professional to enhance efficiency, productivity and knowledge management. With this aim in 2013 the Technical Resources Department was created to provide Eptisa's professionals anywhere in the world with the support of a technical team of engineers, architects, economists, geologists, programmers etc. that work to apply innovations, to modernise and optimise our services and make them available to the entire Company.

Personalized Professional Career Development Plan

All of Eptisa’s employees have a personalized professional development plan based, responsibilities and capabilities required for each position. Internal training plans and a talent management program help to develop the professional career of every employee in the Company.

Occupational Health, Safety and Hazard Prevention Policy

Eptisa is firmly committed to its strict health, safety and hazard prevention policy with the aim of preventing accidents and improving the welfare of its employees everywhere in the world. Occupational health and safety recommendations are published through the communication and training plan disseminated on the Intranet.

Eptisa adopted the Joint Prevention Service in the technical specialities for all of Eptisa’s companies. For this reason Eptisa implemented the Occupational Hazard Prevention Management System, which has as its main objective the prevention of accidents and enhancement of occupational health in order to eliminate and/or mitigate harm to people and damage to facilities, machinery, materials, products etc., reduce downtime and foster safe, efficient working procedures.

This management system is certified by CERNE under the OHSAS 18001 standard which specifies the requirements of an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system to enable the Company to monitor its OHS hazards and improve its OSH performance. It is an effective tool to establish an appropriate occupational health and safety policy (OHSP) in companies with the will to undergo continuous improvements.

Equality Policy and Work-Life Balance Plan

The Equality Policy and Work-Life Balance Plan have contributed to the professional development of women in Eptisa and are an example of the Company's commitment to the family. Within the framework of the Equality Policy and the gender equality plan objectives, in 2013 we carried out training courses to foster awareness and integration of good gender equality practices in the career development of women in Eptisa. Additionally, the Company maintains its commitment to the family life by implementing work-life balance plans.

Again this year Eptisa renewed the collaboration agreement with the Adecco Foundation for the development of the initiative called Family Plan to support employees who have handicapped family members. This programme, which is specialized in helping handicapped individuals integration into the labour market, is a fundamental element of Eptisa's Corporate Responsibility Policy.. IN this sense Eptisa´s employees with handicapped children, siblings or spouses under 65 years of age can take part in the counselling plans implemented by the Adecco Foundation's recruitment consultants. This personalized attention of the family member consists of guidance, advice and the design of actions adapted to the needs of each participant. These needs are valuated under a counselling plan in the following areas: Medical-clinical, family, social, educational and labour-related.