Commitment to Quality

Quality management for achieving excellence is Eptisa's commitment to its clients

Eptisa's commitment to quality management gives rise to continuous improvement plans as part of the strategic planning. Eptisa’s Management understands quality as the suitable administration of all resources to achieve optimum results, and thus ensures the achievement of excellence in service provided to clients.

Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System

In Eptisa quality management and client satisfaction have always been a key objective. So much so that the Company had a certified quality management system implemented more than ten years ago, applicable to all its processes and activities regardless the brand that operates in the market. .

For the sake of simplicity and operational efficiency the quality and environmental management systems are merged into a single Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (IQEMS), which means that all those who work at Eptisa share a commitment to quality and a deep respect for the environment, which has as ultimate objective client satisfaction.