Commitment to Social Development

Technical know-how and management skills at the service of social development

Companies are major players in the development of society, both by the provision of services, civil works and supply of equipment and through the transfer of knowledge, technology and management skills to less-favoured environments areas of the planet. To generate greater value for society Eptisa adapts its business strategies to the features of each local context.

Development Cooperation

Eptisa, aware of this reality, began its specialised development cooperation activity in 1996, with the main objective of combining business opportunities that benefit the Company with activities which also benefit society as a whole. The Company is now a reference for the management of multilateral funds and works with leading international development agencies.

Cooperation development has many objectives with a common focus on reducing poverty. This scope requires players with very different skills, for example: Engineering companies, which have extensive knowledge in diversified technical fields.

Eptisa's strengths are its technical and management skills, the knowledge to identify and define technical solutions, the capacity to contribute to improvement of the physical capital of the environment of the people and the capacity to quickly respond to demanding commitments.

Responsibility and Respect of the Local Community

In developing countries projects are not purely technical: technical issues are always associated with social issues. Therefore it is necessary to understand how local socio-cultural variables function (which are different in every location) in order to ensure that the technical solutions proposed are an adequate response to all aspects of the project.

When implementing projects, Eptisa's corporate responsibility focuses on respecting a series of principles such as (i) the value of local human and material resources, (ii) the population's sense of ownership, (iii) awareness and consensus of the local stakeholders, (iv) the compatibility with local development processes and (v) the conservation of local natural resources.

Eptisa´s technical and managerial teams understand perfectly that the contribution of other actors such as consultants, research centres, universities and public institutes that provide local knowledge is vital. This also applies to the role of NGOs that have experience and knowledge of the dynamics of society.

The management of Eptisa, aware of the importance and scope that social responsibility and labour conditions acquire when performing the its activity, actively promotes the responsibility of each employee to comply with national and international laws on working conditions and the respect for the local community with which they interact.