Compliance regulations

Given the potential liability of legal persons referred to in Article 31a of the Penal Code and possible reforms that shall occur in this area, the Board of Eptisa and its Group of Companies have decided to develop this Regulation to prevent the criminal liability of the Eptisa Group.

In this sense, the development of this Regulation responds to the willingness of Eptisa and its Group of Companies to fully comply with the legal system and, to this end, they adopt the internal organisational measures set out in this Regulation, intended to establish the identification of the potential risks of Eptisa and its Group of Companies in the development of its business activity as well as the control mechanisms necessary to prevent any practice or conduct contrary to law.

Note also that that:

  • This Regulation is complemented and enhanced with the compliance standards contained in the Industry Codes and additional documents that, in each case, the Eptisa Group can issue to develop specific topics of such industry codes.
  • This Regulation prevails over any other code, provision or previous legislation that the Eptisa Group could have issued prior to regulating this matter, therefore corresponding to the Compliance Officer to harmonise the application of these standards in the manner discussed later herein.

The Eptisa Group shall update, if necessary, this Regulation of prevention through the Compliance Officer notifying the changes made to all persons included within its scope.