Implementation of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the development of a framework that effectively manages the relationships between the shareholders, the Board of Directors, management and key stakeholders in Eptisa

The incorporation Corporate Governance best practices directly enhances trust, safety and value creation within the Company. Therefore, Eptisa’s management commits to ensuring that its executives act in a responsible and ethical manner in the course of their professional activity, applying Corporate Governance best practices via the implementation and monitoring of CSR related standards and recommendations, and to integrating these guidelines within Eptisa’s internal organisation without overlooking strategic management and operational efficiency.

Governing Bodies

In order to incorporate these Corporate Governance best practices and consequently fulfil its commitment to transparency and business ethics, Eptisa has the following Governing Bodies: (i) Shareholders’ General Meeting, (ii) the Board of Directors and (iii) the Executive Committee.

Among others, the main objectives of these Governing Bodies include the following:

  • Ensure the organisation’s sustainability from the economic-financial, social and environmental point of view;
  • Foster an environment of ethical business practice in order to aid the Directors, managers and employees to prevent any unethical irregularities from occurring within Eptisa;
  • Ensure an effective framework of Corporate Governance, establishing the necessary internal policies and regulations;
  • Involve stakeholders in the Corporate Governance model in order to foster collaboration and cooperation so as to maximize value creation;
  • Contribute to creating long-term value through careful management of corporate reputation;
  • Potentiate the transparency and ensure the accuracy of the published financial information;
  • Monitor operational management efficiency, improvement of processes and compliance with the applicable legislation.

Shareholders’ General Meeting

The Shareholders’ General Meeting is the supreme organ of expression of the shareholders’ will. The decisions concerning the matters within their competence are adopted through majority. All shareholders are represented at the Shareholders’ General Meeting and meet at least twice during each financial year.

Board of Directors

The composition, meetings schedule and internal regulations of Eptisa's Board of Directors are defined in specific clauses in the Articles of Association and by the Capital Companies Act. Furthermore, Eptisa’s Board of Directors also abides to the applicable recommendations of the Good Governance Code. Eptisa’s Board of Directors is made up of the following seven Board Members, of which three are Executive Directors.

Management Committee

Eptisa’s Management Committee main function consists of defining, implementing and evaluating the strategic and operational plans of the Company approved by the Board of Directors.