The welfare and professional development of people is a commitment in Eptisa

In Eptisa, all professionals everywhere in the world have the support of a technical team of engineers, architects, economists, geologists, chemists, doctors, biologists, programmers, etc. working to innovate and improve services and place them at the service of the organization as a whole.

All Eptisa's employees have a personal professional development plan based on the required competence and functions of every job. Internal training plans and talent management help in the development of the professional career of each of the organization's employees.

Throughout the organization, knowledge management plans encourage training, creativity and synergy among professionals to improve efficiency and productivity.

The purpose of the labour risk prevention, health and safety policy is to prevent accidents and improve the welfare of people in the workplace.

Conciliation and equality plans have helped the professional development of women in Eptisa and are an example of the company's commitment to the family.

Eptisa's management is aware that social responsibility and working conditions have a fundamental importance for the organization's development while respecting national and international laws regarding working conditions and forced labor - this is the responsibility of every employee of the organization and also of the entire community.