Andean Region

Eptisa has been working on technical and cooperation projects in the area since the eighties

Eptisa has been working on technical projects for infrastructure development since the eighties and now combines this experience with actions in the field of development cooperation.

Eptisa's activity includes technical assistance to the region's governments in different areas such as infrastructures, water and the environment, transport, reconstruction and disaster prevention.

Eptisa has carried out projects and technical assistance services for important programmes such as the Disaster Prevention and Physical and Social Reconstruction of the State of Vargas (PREDERES), which had one of the largest budgets financed by the European Union in the region.

It also intensely monitors cooperation projects in the region.

Eptisa's technical capability in the field of water and the environment has enabled its cooperation in import hydrological resource management projects in the area.

Water and EnvironmentalL

    • Water project in the Galapagos Islands - Ecuador
    • Hydraulic Plan for Santa Elena Aqueduct - Ecuador
    • Project Pampas Verdes - Perú
    • Water Resource Management in the State of Monagas - Venezuela

      Rural Social Development

      • Technical Assistance to the INAT in the administration of irrigation zones - Colombia
      • Development Plan in the Santa Cruz road influence sphere area. Trinidad - Bolivia
      • Detail Design of the Devolucion Canal of the COLBUM Project - Chile
      • Digital Cartography for Telefonica in Argentina
      • Project to the tourism development in Santa Cruz Area - Argentina


      • Technical Assistance to the creation of the new Training Center of Mechanical Automotion (CEMA), in La Morita - Venezuela
      • Training about the Projects Cycles Management, SWAP and incentive for investment (European Union delegation)
      • Training to ECOFIN in economic and financial analysis of the development projects. (European Union delegation)

      Iinstitutional Strengthering

      • Marginalized minors in Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina
      • Social rehabilitation of juvenile delinquent - Venezuela
      • Institutional strengthening of the Industry Ministry - Peru
      • Institutional strengthening of the Public Works Ministry - Chile

      Transport Infraestructures

      • Detail design of the Magdalena Medio highway between Tobia Grande and Puerto Salgar - Colombia
      • Lima’s airport master plan - Peru
      • Technical support for the Sol Highway in pavement related issues - Chile
      • Digitalized Register of the national roads - Chile

      Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction