Eptisa has over 30 years' experience in infrastructure projects in Brazil

Eptisa started out in Brazil mainly with hydraulic infrastructure and rural development projects. Some of the dams it has designed there are for irrigation, others for electricity generation.

Eptisa now has a permanent office in Río de Janeiro.


  • Master plan of hydraulic resources in Verde Grande river basin
  • Santa Rosa dam and the inlet canal for Acarau project
  • Study for the control and monitoring system for canals and pump stations, Jaiba project

Rural Development

  • Redesign of the detail design project for the watering and drainage system in Miroros, Bahia State
  • Technical and economical feasibility study for a watering project of 40,000 hectares in Bajo Acarau,Ceara State
  • Project to transform into watering fields 2,580 hectares in Bajo Acarau, Ceara State
  • Preliminary project to transform into watering fields 12,000 hectares and detail design and site representative of 8,0000 hectares in Bajo Acarau, Cearca Satate
  • Watering project in Barreiras, Bahia State
  • Social technical and economic feasibility study for the agricultural use of the semi-arid areas of Alagoas and Sergipe
  • Social and economical analysis of Rondonia State


  • Hydro electrical dam in Tambo river and hydro electrical dam in Querco river, both under Pampas Verdes project

Transport Infraestructures