Our position in the country has been established for several years thanks to the numerous projects we have implemented in this Andean country

Given our position in the country, established thanks to the numerous projects that Eptisa has implemented and the opening of a new office in 2016 that covers the entire South American region, we can affirm that Peru represents one of the main commitments for the new international development impulse of Eptisa.

We have worked on several projects in the area of transport, tourism, water and environment, development cooperation and Information Technology, being the latter the area that has enshrined Eptisa as a benchmark in the field at regional level.

We can highlight the project for the Drinking Water and Sewerage Service of Lima (SEDAPAL), which has trust in Eptisa for the third consecutive time , for the development and maintenance of the Geographic Information System (GIS) or the supervision of the rehabilitation works of the section 2 of the IIRSA 2 road, called the central highway, with an approximate length of 380 km.

In this new stage, Eptisa seeks to position itself as a benchmark company facing the challenges that Peru will face, thanks to our experience of internationally recognized prestige in the water and sanitation and transport sectors.