Eptisa has over 50 offices in Europe, where it began to operate as an independent engineering company 55 years ago

Eptisa has been able to take advantage of its experience to concentrate its activities on East and Central Europe and their local markets, creating progressive growth by opening branch offices throughout the region.

By opening branch offices and having representatives throughout the region, it is able to provide services to local markets. At the same time, Eptisa accompanies the international development of our clients in the concessions and construction sector, having experience in providing engineering solutions in this sector in markets as diverse as Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Romania.

High management capability together with this strong local presence has made us leaders in the provision of information technology, consulting and engineering services in sectors such as transportation, the environment, water and building, and to be active in fields such as health, energy and administrative development in which we have been pioneers since 1995.

We now have offices in Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. As well as these, we have over 30 project offices, allowing us to provide the best service to the client in very different disciplines and sectors.

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