Office for project management in the Caucasus region

The Tiblisi office was opened in 2008, and has grown consistently since. The office includes a team of local professionals experienced in managing projects in several areas of civil engineering and environmental management for both public and private sector clients.

This office was born for project management in the Caucasus region, and during the last years has developed national projects in the water, transport and building.

In the water sector Eptisa is developing four main project in the country, including the technical assistance for the non-revenue water investigations in six towns in Georgia, aimed to improve the performance of the water supply and wastewater infrastructure assets within the country; the technical assistance to the United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) to supervise and control construction of civil works included in the Urban Services Improvement Investment Program; feasibility studies for the selection of viable irrigation schemes for rehabilitation, and the development of a Geospatial Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Utility Management System and

Within the transport sector, we have carried out the detailed design and bidding documents for construction of the 49 km long Ruisi-Rikoti Section of the E-60 Highway. And in the building sector, we are supervising the civil works to be implemented in Imereti Region under Regional Development Project II.

From Eptisa's office in Georgia, we also manage two of the major trans-boundaries projects in the region.

The first is the Programme for the Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Man-Made and Natural Disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD-EAST), where Eptisa provides technical assistance to contribute to the development of civil protection capacities of the Partner Countries.

And in the field of waste management Eptisa has developed the project "Waste Governance within the countries of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Region (ENPI East)" with the aim of reducing the risks of contamination arising from the inappropriate management of solid waste.