Eptisa takes part in infrastructure, water and environment and rural and socio-economic development projects applying technical capabilities and local knowledge

Turkey is an important market and an open door to growth in the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia. Since 2004, Eptisa has been working in Turkey for both the local administration and through multilateral programmes with various beneficiaries.

In 2006 a new subsidiary was established based in Ankara, which has concentrated its work in sectors such as Water, the Environment, Transportation, Building, Energy and Regional and Socio-Economic Development. And in 2011 we opened a new project office in Istanbul.

Thanks to its geo-strategic location close to the countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus, Eptisa manages projects in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

As main projects developed by Eptisa in Turkey, we can emphasize in the transport sector the major project developed in Istanbul, the Marmaray Project: Gebze-Halkali Commuter Rail Upgrading.

In the water sector we are providing support to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to become fully ready to implement a Strategis Environmental Assessment (SEA), and we are also implementing the project management and the construction supervision services for the Ceyhan Waste Water and Storm Water Treatment Plant. And in the environment sector we have carried out the technical assistance and supervision of the Solid Urban Waste Management Project in Çanakkale and the technical assistance to Mitigate Flood Damage in Flooded Areas in the Region of the GAP (South-East of Anatolia).

In the building sector we are carrying out the works supervision of the common use facility for the Tokat Small Industry Construction Cooperative, and we are working in the supervision services for construction of forensic laboratories in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Diyarbakir and Adana.

Last but not least, in the energy sector we developed two studies and the foundation design for the equipments of a wind farm.

Development programmes in Turkey intended to maintain convergence with the EU through reduction of regional socio-economic differences and improve the competitiveness of the Turkish economy and its main agents, such as local authorities, chambers of commerce, SMEs, etc., through the supply of a wide variety of activities from institutional reinforcement and training to awareness-raising campaigns, study visits, etc.

Eptisa's local presence in Turkey offers clients and beneficiaries personal support and close technical assistance from our team at the Ankara headquarters.