Accessible tourism R&D project

Eptisa Information Technologies has completed an R&D project called "GATACA, Accessible Tourism Guide Adapted to Castilla-La Mancha Region"
CountrySpain (Europe)


This project, which Eptisa carried out in consortium with In-Nova, International Innovation Program, the National Paraplegics Hospital Foundation and the National Paraplegics Hospital was co-funded within the framework of the 2008-2011 National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade's aid sub-programme Plan Avanza I+D and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). Its identification code is TSI-020312-2009-0025.

The aim of this project is to break down the remaining barriers for handicapped people by placing technology at the service of the public to improve the quality of life and extend the options for tourism and leisure in Castilla-La Mancha region to all groups regardless of their accessibility needs.