Descentralized Institutional support to the provinces of Benguela and Huila

- European Comission

This Project is one of the components that integrate the Programme to Relaunch Food Security executed by the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MINADER) of Angola and financed by the European Union.
CountryAngola (Africa)


This Project has two different and complimentary lines.

  • Reinforce the supporting services in food security with a perspective of a rural development in Benguela and Huila provinces.
  • Reinforce the MINADER so as to be able to design politics, strategies and plans of development from the experiences and demands of the base.

Following these lines we mean to get the following results:

  • Capacity building, training and supporting the staff of the municipal, provincial and central ambits and institutions to design bottom-up policies and extend agrarian areas as far as food security is concerned.
  • Adapt the policies and municipal programmes of the competent organisms to the aims of the food security and rural development.
  • Improve the structural and organized conditions of the competent municipal and provincial institutions in the agrarian sector.
  • Systematize, spread and present MINADER the experiences in food security and rural development carried out in the area.