Disaster Prevention and Social Reconstruction in Vargas State (PREDERES)

- European Comission

Program to improve life quality and level of the population settled in Parroquia Catia La Mar, Venezuela.


The programme “Disasters Prevention and Social Reconstruction in Vargas State” (PREDERES) has as specific objective decrease the vulnerability of goods and people against hydro-geological phenomena hazards as to guarantee the environmental improvement through the expansion and development of the wastewater network and urban waste recollection in the involved area.

To achieve it, the programme has been structured in to two main transversal axes of intervention: institutional strengthening and civil society participation, with the target of strengthen the feasibility and sustainability mechanisms of the PREDERES actions developing capabilities in public institutions as well as in private entities and community organizations.

And three operative axes: Structural prevention that includes the construction of dams, canalisations, bridges and breakwaters; the non structural prevention that includes the installation and operation of a hydro-climatologic measuring system and an early alert system; and the social reconstruction focused to environmental wastewater through the installation of wastewater and rainfall recollection systems through the construction of collectors and recollection of urban solid wastes.