Enterprise search R&D Project

Eptisa Information Technology implements the enterprise search R&D project based on GeoSearch and Natural Language Recognition
Sector Enterprise Search (Information Technology)
CountrySpain (Europe)


The project, entitled "Development of an enterprise search system based on GeoSearch and natural language recognition", aims to design and develop a comprehensive enterprise search tool to facilitate the user's search for information by integrating new features such as: GeoSearch, Recognition of Natural Language, search for images and audio and video files and harmonisation with mobile devices.

This project aims to develop a Comprehensive Search Solution that meets the gaps identified in existing enterprise search tools on the market, providing a high added value to the solution by integrating the aforesaid new functionality. The project was funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade's aid sub-programme Plan Avanza 2 within the framework of the 2008-2011 National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation. Its identification code is TSI-020100-2009-430.