References in Africa

Project to establish and maintain a Monitoring and Learning Facility (MLF) as part of the Programme to support pro-poor policy development in South Africa (PSPPD)
This Project is one of the components that integrate the Programme to Relaunch Food Security executed by the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MINADER) of Angola and financed by the European Union.
The platform will increase the perception of decision-makers in issues related to risks derived from natural threats
Institutional strengthening of the Cartographic and Telecommunications National Centre
The overall objective of this project is to strengthen and develop the planning, management, and evaluation process in the health care sector
The project consists of a technical assistance to the Ministry of Mines and Energy in order to enhance the development of geoscientific mapping in the Kingdom
Technical assistance in the preparation, management, execution, follow up and evaluation of development projects in regions in the north of Morocco
Technical assistance to the European Commission in the program monitoring and in the political dialogue with the Government of Morocco
Turnkey project that includes a pipeline for the transport of crude oil products at 650 metres off the coast.