Evaluation of Araucaria Programme

Spanish Development Cooperation Programme for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Latin America.
Sector Natural Environment (Water and Environment)
Social & Environmental Sustainability (Institutional, Economic and Social Development)


Eptisa has been commissioned to carry out the evaluation of the Araucaria Programme. The integrity of the Programme relies on three basic principles:
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Capacity building of the local Nature protection institutions
  • Organizational and institutional strengthening

And the main targets of Araucaria Programme are:

- To generate a real impact on the biodiversity conservation (in situ) that is respected by the local communities which will bring a real contribution to their human development.

- To give fulfillment to the Spanish obligations in the international forums in relation to their commitments in cooperation in the sector biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.


The programme consists of three action lines.

1. Integrated projects posed as model sustainable development experiences. These involve:

  • Protected areas management planning
  • Network sites management planning
  • Sustainable Development and wise us of natural resource
  • Biodiversity and preparation of nature protection plans

2. Theme lines grouping together projects according to their fundamental importance for the conservation of biodiversity

  • Environmental conservation, biodiversity and indigenous peoples
  • Eco-tourism
  • Sustainable production
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental planning

3. Horizontal Activities: training, networks, research and communication. This allows the permanent exchange of experiences, transfer of know-how, dissemination of best practices and transfer of technical expertise. This includes:

  • Institutional capacity building to the National park Institutions from the various Ministries of Environment throughout Latin America
  • Stakeholders involvement
  • Public Awareness