Integrated project in the outskirts of Managua (PROMAPER)

- European Comission

Project that is part of the Regional Programme for the Reconstruction of Central America
Sector Hydraulic Infrastructure (Water and Environment)
Social & Environmental Sustainability (Institutional, Economic and Social Development)
CountryNicaragua (America)


This project is integrated inside the Regional Programme for the Reconstruction of Central America (PRRAC), an action plan to assist reconstructing and contribute establishing bases to a sustainable development after the devastating effects of the Mitch hurricane.

The general aim of this project has been contributing to improve health and welfare of Ciudad Sandino inhabitants, one of the municipalities of the outskirts of Managua, as well as in other suburbs of the peripheric areas of Managua through several components as the Master Plan for Water supply and Sanitation networks foreseen for 2020 year; drinkable water access and wastewater infrastructure (installing 30 Km of pipes and 70 Km of sewers and make people aware about proper water usage): institutional strengthening (with training plans for technical staff of the National Water Institutions); support to local initiatives to economical and social development and creating and restoring houses (building 200 new houses and improving another 400)

In all components of the project special attention was taken to the two master lines of Gender and Environmental.


  • Project Management
  • Environmental technical support
  • Building and infrastructures