References in Spain

First phase of the shopping centre remodelling located in Villalba (Madrid)
Technical assistance for the detail design project of the distribution branch-line
Smart platform for management and monitoring of health workers, patients and assets in hospital environments
Consultancy Services, Project Draft and Technical Assistance to the Management, Control and Supervision of the Construction Works in the Residential Urbanization Sector 89/4 Valdespartera
The works involve extending the runway by 400 metres
Seseña – Aranjuez Section of the High-Speed Railway Line Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Autonomous Region of Valencia-Region of Murcia
It also includes proposals and drawing up a project containing the activities required to optimise the plant’s operations
The resulting package of geographical and alphanumerical information compiled by the application provides the Police with a complete security management system that helps them to anticipate crime
This project involved the construction of the first museum completely dedicated to a haute couture fashion designer
Project to monitor the slope at 418 kilometre point of the A-6, in the Trabadelo municipality
Double viaduct with 100 spans for each of the tracks
The project consisted of the works supervision of the design-build of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant and Motogeneration in the Guadalajara Region
Integrated management of the works
Project ERLEA is an integral information system for the full cycle of services provided by the Associated Municipalities of Txingudi and Montejurra
Commercial Geographic Information System for the city of Burgos integrating base cartography, data and advanced geomarketing functions.
Eptisa Information Technology carried out a research and development project to provide technology to coordinate the agents involved in emergency situations
Eptisa Information Technology implements the enterprise search R&D project based on GeoSearch and Natural Language Recognition
GIS for mail distribution planning throughout Spain
Introduction of a search system in La Caixa's internal network and in the corporate web portal
Providing Mapfre's portal ( with search capabilities
Eptisa creates a tool centralizing all the Ministry's information.
Eptisa managed the fulfilment of the terms, qualities and budget planned
Updating of the Geographic Information System of the Canal de Isabel II by development and implementation of new corporate applications
A management system for network engineering operations and processes, and management and control of Telefónica Spain's assets
Geocultura places information and the geographical location of the most representative cultural institutions at the disposal of the public
Creation of an application integrated in the web portal of La Caixa savings bank allowing location of branches and ATMs.
Distribution of spatial information and geomarketing functionalities among different departments of the organization as the base for improved decision-making
Design, Development and Implementation of Madrid City Council's Corporate Geographic Information System
Eptisa provides a continuous and navigable cartography for the Spanish regional authorities
Development of a geographic marketing system to provide savings banks with a way to carry out analyses of the information for the markets in which they operate.
Introduction of a branch locator on the BBVA's corporate web portal
Implementation of a control system
Integrated Management of the Project and Construction Works
Construction management and detail designs
Rehabilitation of a building consisted of apartments and offices dated from the XIX century and its restructuring into a hotel
Technical assistance to the construction management
Turnkey Project for a WWTP to cover a population of 8,000 people
Technical assistance to adequate the parking lot infrastructure
Turnkey Project for the Aeronautical composite materials factory in Puerto Real, Cadiz
Works control an supervision of the High Speed Railway Madrid-Levante line. Segment: La Encina - Mogente junction.
Turnkey project for a WWTP to cover a population of 17,500 people.
Turnkey Project for a wastewater treatment plant for a population of 42,000 people
Support Project for a development of the national strategy of restoration of rivers in the North Basin.
Operation and maintenance to guarantee security in dams and reservoirs of Lleida, Tarragona and Huesca
Collaboration with the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation technically supporting and supervising the introduction of the control nodes of the network in the basin
Technical assistance for the supervision of the infrastructure works of the Delta Agreement
Technical Assistance for Works Control and supervision of the enlargement of the Flight Field
Detail design for the expansion and construction of a new electric power plant in the Alicante airport
Technical assistance to the Administration to build, operate and maintenance the Viñedos highway
The Project corresponds to the platform of the section North-Northeast of the High Speed Line. Section: Ourense-Santiago
Informative Study and lay-out design of the structural network to equip Sector II in Huesca