Platform of the High Speed Railway North-Northeast Corridor. Section: access to the Ourense station

- Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (ADIF)

The Project corresponds to the platform of the section North-Northeast of the High Speed Line. Section: Ourense-Santiago
Sector Railways (Transport)
CountrySpain (Europe)


The Project defined the platform up to the included layer of ballast and those works regarding to the railway facilities that have to be done together with the platform (ducts, cable crossings, ground connections and poles anchorages in the viaducts).

This segment, that runs entirely through the municipal area of Orense, is special due to it had two conventional wide lines in service, the Zamora-Coruña and the Monforte-Vigo lines and the platform of the new high speed line had to pass mostly along the entire platform of the Zamora-Coruña line, what meant to move it and relocate both lines.

In this case the works included the infrastructure, the rail tracks, the electrification and security and communication facilities as well as all temporary railway alignment needed to guarantee the traffic through the existing lines.