Prevention of social violence and juvenile delinquency (PROJOVENES)

- European Comission

First project in all Latin America that will be done under a new implementation method, in which the beneficiary part assume new responsibilities among them managing the project emphasizes


The last target of PROJOVENES is to contribute decreasing juvenile delinquency and improve the public security. In order to achieve this objective an articulated group of social actions is foreseen to be developed with the aim to reduce or mitigate the effect of risk factors and strengthen the protection factors.

The development of PROJOVENES is articulated in five components or work ways:

  • Community development: guided to strengthen the community organization, ease the new leaderships developments specially those for youths as well as providing the social infrastructure and improving the urban environmental.
  • Promotion of the family: looking for strengthen the family unit to allow the development of children, teenagers and youngsters in a respect, solidarity and fondness environmental.
  • Integral education: for stimulating and correctly orientating the youngsters improving the educational offer through an integral focus that implies specific actions with groups of students, teachers and family.
  • Employment and labour workshops: that seeks to contribute to the decrease of unemployment among youngsters through the creation of a labour environment favorable to their participation.
  • Integration of deported people and gangs that pursues the reduction of the adolescent gangs phenomena through particular programmes.
  • In addition to these components, PROJOVENES will complete its actions with a systematic and permanent strategy of sensitiveness so as to eliminate the feeling of insecurity among youngsters.
  • Integración de deportados y pandilleros: que persigue la reducción del fenómeno de las pandillas juveniles a través de programas particulares.
CountryEl Salvador (America)