Regional and Urban Planning for the Great Metropolitan Area of the Central Valley of Costa Rica

- European Comission

Economic development project to improve the life conditions of the population of Costa Rica’s Central Valley
Sector Economic Development (Institutional, Economic and Social Development)
CountryCosta Rica (America)


The global objective of the PRU-GAM Project consists in improving the life conditions of the population of Costa Rica’s Central Valley, through achieving a greater economic competitiveness, derived from a greater efficiency and quality of its services and spaces offer.

On the other hand, the specific objective consists in improving the efficiency of the Central Valley’s urban system operation, reducing the actual environmental, economic and social costs, related to an incoherent and unsustainable territorial model.


The project is articulated around 6 different components:

  • Realisation of Phase III of the National Plan for Urban Development, consisting in the Land Management Plan for the Great Metropolitan Area of the Costa Rica central valley (GAM Plan), and creation of necessary conditions for its implementation
  • Elaboration of regulating Plans for 31 municipalities, in line with the GAM Plan and the Metropolitan Directives
  • Formulation of Metropolitan Directives and operative conditions in 4 metropolitan areas (San Jose, Heredia, Carthage and Alajuela).
  • Improvement of the urban culture of the population
  • Capacity building to state and local institutions for the urban planning management through training and diffusion.