References in Buildings

The project objective is related to the assurance of security, safety and confort conditions for the habitants of Henri Coanda housing complex
The overall objective of this project is to facilitate the successful completion of the infrastructure projects selected to be financed under Phare 2005 ESC (Economic and Social Cohesion)
Eptisa was responsible for the project management and technical design for urban utilities network
The beneficiary is the Ministry of Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT) of Haiti
The project aims at the provision of durable housing solutions for the refugees and internally displaced persons after the armed conflicts
Consultancy Services, Project Draft and Technical Assistance to the Management, Control and Supervision of the Construction Works in the Residential Urbanization Sector 89/4 Valdespartera
Project management and quality control of the works
All the infrastructures will take up an area of about 270,000 m2
The project involves the provision of warehouse facilities in terminals T1, T2 and T3 of Madrid-Barajas Airport
Integrated management of the works
Eptisa has carried out the Integral Management of the Project
The works contracts involved complex modifications which have been successfully managed by Eptisa during the entire execution period
Technical evaluation for plots situated in Bucharest, Brasov and Targoviste regarding connection to utilities for development of major real estate projects
Eptisa developed a preliminary technical study necessary for the future investments objective
Eptisa performed works supervision and provided technical assistance during construction works