References in Natural Environment

The overall objective is to contribute to the peace, stability, security and prosperity of the Eastern Partner Countries and to protect the environment, the population, the cultural heritage, the resources and the infrastructures of the region
The project has been designed to assist Serbia in the harmonization with the European Flood Directive in the fulfillment of its obligations in the integrated management of hydraulic resources field and the global protection against floods
The project offered assistance for the strengthening of the institutional capacity of the environmental authorities in 4 countries: Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Turkey
The selected rayons are Agsu, Ismayilli, Devechi and Siyazan
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the achievement of the National Environmental Strategy priorities in accordance with the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda and environmental cooperation agreements
The overall objective of this regional EU-funded project is to improve water quality in the Kura River.
Improve the general understanding of integrated environmental management at all sectors and levels of government
Project to define and demonstrate economically sustainable means of gathering data on Air Quality
The key group are the environmental inspectors and environmental policy makers of the beneficiary countries
Study which takes into account the understanding, the existing knowledge and the values of a Society in relation to sustainability
The main objective of this project is the long-term prevention of flooding and its effects in the South-eastern Anatolia region in Turkey
The project aimed at reinforcing the Government’s capacity to take appropriate action to control environmental pollution and to promote investment
Spanish Development Cooperation Programme for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Latin America.
Support Project for a development of the national strategy of restoration of rivers in the North Basin.
The project contributed to the improvement of the environmental protection at local and regional level by supporting public sector investments
The project strengthened the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to program and monitor the EU co-financed projects, as well as effective use of the funds.
The project assessed the implementation costs of the major investment Directives
The output of this project was the establishment of 8 REPIs (Regional Environmental Protection Agencies) with headquarters in Bacau Galati, Pitesti, Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj, Sibiu and Bucharest.
The project ensured the institutional development necessary for the transposition and implementation of the environmental legislation harmonized with the Acquis Communautaire.
The objective of this project was to elaborate and agree a detailed financing proposal for the environmental sector in Romania.