References in Solid waste

Project for the provision of collection, treatment and disposal facilities for the solid waste from 11 municipalities in Serbia
Technical assistance for the supervision of the construction of a sanitary landfill and the institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Finance of Turkey
Eptisa provides technical assistance for the supervision of construction works and related facilities for the project regarding Bihor Integrated Solid Waste Management System
Integrated approach to urban environmental improvement in vulnerable coastal towns of Bangladesh
Feasibility studies, detailed designs and tender documentation for the first Regional Sanitary Landfill Solution
Increasing environmental benefits of integrated solid waste management in the City of Grodno
Project to support improvement of the waste management system and reduce the adverse environmental and social impacts of solid waste in the Greater Baku Region
Project to improve waste governance within the countries of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Region
Project to solve out the sanitary and environmental problems created by the presence of urban solid wastes of Lugo Landfill.
In order to attract funding, the project assisted the Government in formulating a sustainable institutional development plan and an infrastructure investment strategy
The objective is to provide to the citizens and enterprises/public institutions of Kosovo a stable solid waste service at affordable prices