References in Urban Works

Project to monitor the slope at 418 kilometre point of the A-6, in the Trabadelo municipality
The project objective is related to the assurance of security, safety and confort conditions for the habitants of Henri Coanda housing complex
Double viaduct with 100 spans for each of the tracks
This auscultation project involves the installation and monitoring of over 250 instrumentation and surveying devices
The System has been designed and installed with a view to long-term operation, namely as long as the working life of the viaduct itself
Performance of the main inspections and static and dynamic load tests for reception of the railway structures on the Lleida - Vilafranca del Penedés section
Tunnel of the Hospitalet - La Torrassa section (Barcelona)
Works supersion of the platform and track construction for the U.I.C. width railway connection