Social and Sustainable Development Project in the State of Chiapas (PRODESIS)

The project will pay a special attention to a more equality between men and women, particularly in the context of the local management and government, as well as the productive projects
CountryMexico (America)


The State of Chiapas (Mexico) where it is being carried out the project, is suffering a growing pressure on its natural resources (mainly in the 16 micro-regions of the Lacandon Jungle). The level of development of these micro-regions does not cover the expectations and necessities of the population and it is very unequal especially in relation to the most vulnerable groups such as indigenous and rural women and children.

At other level, the Government of Chiapas will also benefit from the project as it will generate capacities to reformulate and apply a better policy for social development.

The global aims of the project are the following:

  1. Fight against the poverty in the beneficiary region;
  2. Reduce the pressure on natural resources in Lacandon Jungle and the environmental deterioration in the zone;
  3. Reformulate and apply social development policies based on a participatory and viable territorial development.

The specific objective that will contribute to the accomplishment of the global objectives is to introduce practical references models or best practice for sustainable, economic, social and territorial development in the 16 micro-regions of Lacandon Junglet in Chiapas State.