Technical assistance for elaboration of the environmental cost assessment and investment plan

The project assessed the implementation costs of the major investment Directives
Sector Water Treatment Plants (Water and Environment)
Natural Environment (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


These costs had been used by the Beneficiary for the elaboration of the Environmental Operational Sectorial Program. Assistance had been provided for finalizing the implementation plans of the EU Directives and a comparative study had been elaborated for reflecting the experience of the member stated and candidate states regarding the environmental cost assessments and development of the financing strategy.

A cost assessment model had been built by using Arc View GIS, Excel and Access for each environmental sector, covering a time period until 2050, at national, regional and county level. A user's guide was elaborated for the developed application. The financing strategy and the investment plan to cover estimated costs as well as a financing/ investments model based on the costs assessment model.

Guidelines and procedures to access the financing source had been elaborated and the National Environmental Action Plan for 2005 was updated; a database for the important projects had been developed. A monitoring procedure of the public financed environmental projects had been presented.

3 awareness seminars and training sessions for 589 participants were organised:

  • Training of the environmental authorities personnel on the costs assessment and preparation of the financing strategy;
  • Training of MoAFWE, NEPA, REPA, LEPA on statistical analysis, financial investments, projects preparation, monitoring and analysis;
  • Study tour for 16 public operators: absorption and management of the EU structural funds by a member state.

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