Technical assistance for the supervision of works "Extension and rehabilitation of the water and waste water systems in Cluj/ Salaj Counties - Improvement of the water supply, water treatment and sewage systems in Cluj/Salaj area"

The main purpose of the project is to improve the quality and access to the water and sewerage infrastructure by providing water supply and sewerage services according to the UE policy and practice.
Duration March 2009 - November 2015
Sector Hydraulic Infrastructure (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


Eptisa supervises 14 works contracts for the extension and modernization of the water and sewage systems within Somes Water Company operational area, from Cluj and Salaj Counties, namely Cluj-Napoca, Dej, Gherla and Zalau cities, as well as Simleu Silvaniei, Jibou, Huedin and Cehu Silvaniei.

The supervision of the works contracts shall be done with the compliance of the Romanian legislation in the field:

  • 8 wastewater treatment stations: Simleu Silvaniei (11.700 EP), Jibou (11.400 EP), Cehu Silvaniei (4.500 EP), Zalau (85.000 EP), Cluj-Napoca (367.000 EP), Dej (31.700 EP), Gherla (31.700 EP) and Huedin (9.000 EP);
  • 1 Drinking Water Treatment Station in Varsolt (30.240 m3/day);
  • 3 water source: Jibou (8.640m3/day), Cehu Silvaniei (4.234 m3/day), Huedin (3.888 m3/day);
  • 10 Drinking Water pumping stations;
  • 23 waste water pumping stations;
  • 14 water tanks and 1 water main Livada - Dej,
  • Extension and rehabilitation of 130 km sewage networks;
  • Extension and rehabilitation of 184 km water supply networks.

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