Technical assistance to create an Integrated Risk Assessment Platform (IRAP) in Djibouti

The platform will increase the perception of decision-makers in issues related to risks derived from natural threats


The main objective of the project is the analysis, evaluation and monitoring of the country’s risk factors, as well as the assessment of the associated potential losses in order to provide decision-makers with the necessary tools for the development of their functions.

In order to achieve this, the following initiatives will be implemented: creation of a specific Platform (IRAP), use of indicators and metric systems, determinist and probabilistic analysis and the quantification of threats and risks. An integrated risk assessment is being developed in order to create models and risk suppositions from both seismic and hydro meteorological threats and to be able to measure their level of vulnerability.

In addition to this, an analytic training process will be carried out together with the acquisition of equipment for the measurement and monitoring of the main natural risks (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, fluvial and coastal floods, droughts...). This will allow determining the level of vulnerability associated (social, environmental and economic).