Technical Assistance to the Agency for the Development of the North of Morocco (APDN)

- Agency for the Promotion and Social and Economic Development of the Prefectures and Provinces of the North of Morocco

Technical assistance in the preparation, management, execution, follow up and evaluation of development projects in regions in the north of Morocco
Sector Economic Development (Institutional, Economic and Social Development)
CountryMorocco (Africa)


In this project Eptisa offers support to the APDN modernizing the tools used to manage projects as the Project’s Cycle Management in the Logical Framework of the European Union, applying Geographical Information Systems to projects and quality management. Also Eptisa collaborates seeking funds for projects (AECI and others bilateral and multilateral organism of financing).

Institutional Support is provided to plan and program activities based in the multicriteria analysis of projects and assisting doing technical studies that would let the use of natural resources in a rational way, integrating concepts of economical and social development, environmental protection and participation frame.

Last, support is provided identifying and formulating development projects in the primary sectors of APDN: rural development, tourism, environmental and training.