Technical assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries of Morocco for the modernization of irrigated agriculture

The project will be implemented in the areas of Gharb, Haouz and Souss Massa
Sector Economic Development (Institutional, Economic and Social Development)
CountryMorocco (Africa)


The overall objective of this contract is to help farmers to use irrigation water in a more efficient and durable manner with the aim of mitigate the current and anticipated effects of the shortage of water resources.

The project is part of the “Programme National d’Economie d’Eau en Irrigation” (PNEEI), a national programme with the aim of transform a surface of 21.405 Ha into an irrigation area in three regions of the country. It is expected to directly benefit about 7,772 farmers, through upgrading of public irrigation networks and their adaptation for localised irrigation, on-farm drip irrigation equipment, and providing support and training services to the farmers and irrigation communities. .

The technical assistance team will support the CPMU in the implementation of activities related to the project of modernization of irrigated agriculture in the three regions (Gharb, Haouz and Souss Massa).