Tender Design for a Waste-to-Energy Facility in Asturias

The facility will be located on a plot measuring around 44,000 m2
Sector Industrial Environment (Water and Environment)
Energy (Buildings, Energy and Industry)
CountrySpain (Europe)


Eptisa has design the tender project of a Waste-to-Energy Facility for processing 420,000 t/year of waste that will generate 63.1 kWt (33.22 kWe) of electrical energy. The contest has been organised by COGERSA, Asturias Waste Management Company and the plan is to build the facility close to the Serín landfill site in Asturias.

The facility will be located on a plot measuring around 44,000 m2 and will basically consist of the following areas: waste unloading platform, furnace-boiler building with dual incineration line, gas treatment building: semi-dry system consisting of two purification lines, water-steam cycle and energy generation unit, which consists of a main collector in which the live steam gathers and is pressurised before being taken off to the turbine. The live steam drives the turbine and is transformed into electricity by a 36.8 MW three-phase alternator. Then there is the slag processing area: a conveyor belt system takes the slag to the 8,000 m2 area set aside for it to be stored in heaps which is close to the basic auxiliary installations for performing this process, namely a water demineralisation plant for feeding the boilers, a compressed air plant, an auxiliary liquid fuel system and a dry sludge feed system.