Trans boundary River Managemement for the Kura River (Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia)

- European Comission

The overall objective of the project is to improve the water quality of the Kura River
Sector Hydrological Planning (Water and Environment)
CountryGeorgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia (Europe)


The project contributes to the development of the implementation of the EU Water Initiative (EECCA component) and to the harmonization of the national legislation of the countries in the project area with the EU Water Framework Directive.

The project included provision of assistance in building up capacity in the countries to approach the water management in an integrated way and creating important pre-conditions to implement the basic requirements of the EU water policies base on the principles of the Water Framework Directive.

The specific purposes of the project are to:

  • Develop the capacities of the inspectorates and permitting authorities, and the monitoring units needed for integrated water resources management in the longer term;

  • Support the establishment of trans-national organisational monitoring structures and systems of information management needed for integrated water resources management in the longer term.

The project area covers this part of the Kura – Aras river basin that belongs to the territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. People there will be the end-beneficiary of the project by improving water quality and getting a better status of the ecosystem


Tasks performed by the consultant are divided into five project components, which are:

  1. Assessment and Surveys:
    • Collection and assessment of existing information
    • Field Surveys to obtain new data by direct measurements and observations
  2. Monitoring: Develop joint monitoring programme for the Kura River Basin in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Establishment of additional monitoring locations on the river Khrami and completion of a joint information system for the two transboundary pilot basins: Debed/Khrami transboundary pilot basin Arm/Geo and on Alazani/Ganykh transboundary pilot basin Geo/Aze
  3. Information and methodological basis for the Inspection, Permitting/Licensing and Monitoring Departments towards integrated water resource management (IWRM) approach
  4. Strenthening the Institutional Capacity for water management and organize intensive training activities in the beneficiary countries
  5. Public Involvement and PR activities