We are specialized in providing the technical assistance for the support in all fields related with energy strategies, policies and projects

We develop environmentally sound energy services to a wide range of clients which help alleviate poverty and support broader economic development.

Our work entails us to offer our engineering services to the development of both conventional and renewable energies facilities in different areas of business, such as design, works supervision, institutional strengthening and capacity building, development of energy efficiency strategies, and energy economics and energy policy.

Specialized services for Buildings, Energy and Industry

  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building of different energy authorities
  • Development and implementation of energy strategies, policies and action plans
  • Approximation of energy legislation towards International standards
  • Support in participation of relevant bodies / institutions in the EC mechanisms including Energy Community Treaty (EnCT)
  • Energy economics
  • Design of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures and options
  • Design and implementation of different energy demonstration projects
  • Development of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies in the RES and EE sectors
  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options
  • Climate Change Policy Support
  • Experience in energy audits and feasibility studies of large scale projects, as well as development of investment plans and promotion of investments on energy related resources
  • Liberalization, reform and development of energy market and restructuring of energy sector to create further market opening
  • Review of technical codes, market opening and tariff reforms, licensing compliance and monitoring
  • Production of several studies including feasibility studies, Environmental Impact Assessments and Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
  • Networking and exchange of European and international best practices