Management at the service of the tourist sector

Eptisa offers hotel chains and the tourist sector building management services to guarantee the user quality. The main goal of our team of professionals is the search for the best solution and construction management to comply with legislation, guarantee quality, meet comfort goals and ensure the beauty of buildings.

Specialized services for Buildings, Energy and Industry

Project definition phase:

  • Analysis of the project's technical and economic feasibility
  • Financial, planning and commercial management
  • Assistance in the client's definition of requirements
  • General definition of the project

Design phase:

  • Obtaining the different permits and licences.
  • Recruitment and selection of technical and design teams
  • Coordination and supervision of the design process
  • Ensuring that the design matches the client's requirements
  • Allocation of the work units of the planning process
  • Production of the target maximum budget
  • Master planning

Construction phase:

  • Requesting bids and contracting works
  • Coordination of technical teams, contractors and suppliers
  • Work supervision
  • Cost and planning control
  • Change management
  • Start-up, delivery to the user and project closure