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Solutions that Save Money boosting your RDBMS functionality

Challenging economic times call for prudent, effective cost management. IT budgets are shrinking at a time when information demands are rapidly expanding, it is more important than ever to get the best service to users at minimum cost. Postgres Plus ® Advanced Server is a unique solution in the market that will save money on maintaining your RDBMS with full functionality of your current system, thanks to its full compatibility with Oracle.

Postgres Plus ® Advanced Server runs most applications written for Oracle, at a small fraction of the cost Oracle charges for database licenses and annual maintenance. We offer Oracle cost containment solutions that fit a range of deployment configurations, all of which plug into your current infrastructure and leverage your existing DBA and application development skills.

Eptisa IT combines a exceptional database technology with high quality services to customers. We help organizations harness the power and economic advantages of an open source database safely and securely, with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server offers enhanced enterprise-class functionality at an unparalleled Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  • Low database TCO saves money
  • Oracle compatibility and migration strategies avoids vendor lock-in
  • Enterprise management tools improve developer's productivity
  • World-class security keeps your data safe
  • High throughput OLTP handles your largest loads
  • A cost that's 70-80% less than what you will pay vendors like Oracle and Microsoft.
  • Replace Oracle RDBMS by Postgres Plus ® Advanced Server, improving performance and system efficiency

Are you tired of being locked in Oracle's database prison?

Postgres Plus ® Advanced Server allows you to migrate all the data with a fast, flexible and customized database migration toolkit. Postgres Plus Advanced Server implements a comprehensive suite of Oracle-compatible functionality within and around the core PostgreSQL engine, including:

  • Simple and complex data structures
  • Oracle SQL syntax and semantics
  • Functions and Packages
  • Support for PL/SQL language and OCI interoperability
  • Popular Oracle database utilities and interfaces
  • Bi-directional database replication services
  • Run applications written for Oracle virtually unchanged
  • No need to re-train Oracle DBAs and developers

Eptisa IT provides a variety of flexible solutions

Eptisa IT can provide training, maintenance and support subscriptions to different licenses Postgres Plus ®, migration analysis, technical assistance and systems consulting. You can choose to hire our professional services separately, instead of full migration service.

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