Enterprise Search

Innovative search solutions allowing the productivity and competitiveness of organizations to be improved

In the global economy, companies' concerns for their business are constantly changing. This means they need to make an effort in terms of adaptation to allow them to continue to be competitive and maintain their profitability. Businesses have to share information speedily, not just within an organization but also with the exterior. Many businesses accumulate information which they do not share and its complexity and cost of maintenance are constantly increasing.

The solutions offered by Eptisa TI have advanced functionality allowing the information obtained from searches to be enriched. For example, the user's experience is greatly improved when searches can be carried out using natural language.

Implementation of a search solution gives the client added value, allowing access to important information in a very short time, so increasing the business's competitiveness and productivity.

Eptisa TI has a great deal of experience in the introduction of business search solutions and places a specialized, highly experienced team at customers' disposal.