Geographic Information Systems

For managing the information and the decisions taken

The Geographical Information Systems allows capturing, to analyze, to manipulate and see the geographical information so as to decide planning and management in sectors such as Water and Environment, Transportation, Logistic, Property Register and companies with energetic services, water, etc.

According to recent surveys, almost an 80% of the information treated by organizations and public or private companies have, in some way, a relation with space data, which proves that the decisions depend on the quality, accuracy and currency of this space information. As well, the Geographical Information Systems have become in the last 20 years, one of the most important working tools for our society.

Eptisa, through the company ESRI Spain and Eptisa TI offer solutions of introduction of Geographical Information Systems that have the necessary tools for the management and diffusion of the cartographic information. ESRI Spain is the dealer company in Spain of the leading technology in Geographical Information Systems: ArcGIS. It offers the necessary solution, consulting, formation and support for the starting of the information system. Eptisa TI counts on a contrasted trajectory of years in design, development and introduction of Geographical Information Systems adapted to the clients' necessities, which means for Eptisa the fact of being the leading company in introduction of GIS solutions.