Solutions for Defence

Eptisa offers its customers complete solutions for users in the armed forces, intelligence services and police forces

Eptisa offers complete solutions for users in the armed forces, intelligence services and police forces.

In the Defence and Security sector, there has always been a close relationship between geographic information systems and the technological solutions for carrying out related activities such as strategy, tactics, operations or intelligence.

Military and police operations are essentially spatial, occurring in a particular place, and having the information on where an event happened is critical to be able to act in consequence.


  • Corporate systems

    Eptisa TI has great experience in the generation of corporate GIS systems, specifically servicing the needs of all a large organization's areas.

  • C2, C3, C4, C4ISR Systems

    Eptisa TI provides specific solutions for the Command and Control area of military and civilian forces.

  • Emergency management

    Solutions, for management of emergencies. They establish information ensuring required levels of safety, interoperability, coordination and availability.

  • Intelligence tools

    Eptisa TI has GIS solutions to meet the information needs of all fields of intelligence.

  • Peace missions

    Eptisa TI's GIS solutions are decisive in peace missions, where exact knowledge of the terrain is necessary for deployment of peace operations.

  • Management and Logistics of Facilities and Infrastructures

    Eptisa TI is a specialist in implementation and development of management and logistic solutions for facilities and infrastructures.

  • Cartographic production and Spatial Data Centres

    Eptisa TI offers specific tools for cartographic production which can be efficiently integrated in the production systems of dedicated centres.

  • Simulation

    Eptisa TI has tools and solutions in the world of simulation.

  • Strategic and operations planning tools

    Eptisa TI develops and makes advanced strategic and operations planning tools, for military and civilian purposes.