Solutions for Telcos & Utilities

The telecommunications and utilities sector is changing very quickly. Find, manage and analyse information quickly and efficiently is a very important factor

The capacity of administering the providing of services as from the geo-referencing of assets (infrastructure / network elements), optimising their operation and maintenance, facilitating their commercial proceedings, and the complete handling of business information in a quick and efficient manner: this is the basis of the strategic management of the operating companies that optimises their Return On Investment (ROI).

Telecommunication and utility companies need to have extensive real-time knowledge of their assets (the network / infrastructure deployed) and their income (current / possible clients), and especially of the location and characteristics of each of their infrastructures and clients.

The planning of new networks, their designing, and the operation and maintenance of existing ones, together with the business administration of current clients and the search for new ones, force departments of engineering, invoicing, sales, and marketing of telecommunication and utility companies to share a great deal of geo-referenced information as a competitive advantage tool.

The geo-referenced network element is the starting point and the basis for all aspects of the complete administration of the infrastructure, which allows the reduction of new investments, the maximising of their reliability and availability, the drawing up of a physical and logical inventory of their technical and financial attributes, the reduction of service registration processes, and the speeding up of the profiling of new services.

The investment in technological solutions orientated towards the handling of network elements, such as initial data of the engineering, business, and financial planning systems, is based on the unified use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with operating tools (OSS Open Source Software), commercial tools (CRM Customer Relation Management, invoicing) business tools (BSS Business Support Systems) and strategic business planning tools (Business Intelligence: what happens, why it happens, and what happens if …)

The investment return of this type of technological solution thus joins the investment return in infrastructures to make this essential for their success: the operator´s ROI.

Finally, the GIS + BI conjunction facilitates the planning and characterisation of a strategic vision of where the infrastructure and the operator´s clients will be in the future.

Eptisa can count on a specialised team that offers this type of specific technological solutions for this sector, involving itself in the tasks of the consultancy, design, implementation, and operation of the same, with a view to facing current and future challenges of the operator´s business.