Solutions for Transport & Logistics

Nowadays, organizations are facing the challenge of continuous improvement through process optimization to grow within their markets

In this context, logistic optimization is a key point for saving costs and to improve competitiveness. Organizational changes, the amount of vehicles, streets and/or routes conditions, driver knowledge and awareness of them, are factors that must be combined in a fast and intelligent way.

When it gets to defining the vehicle route manifest, the load distribution and also determining the order by which your customers will be visited, more than experience and know how is required. The best possible decisions are always based in mathematical models for decision problems. Different routes must be analyzed and compared among multiple alternatives.

Companies which don't apply mathematical method in their logistic management, lose as from 10% from savings on their operative costs. Others can also lose an additional 2% in sales.

Today more than ever, it is necessary to rely on technology that allows enterprises to be eco-efficient. Improving environmental management, generating operative savings, achieving the vehicle fleet to consume less fuel, these are key aspects in order to reduce reduce gas emission and also to generate a saving on tires.


  • fwLogistic - Logistics Optimization

    fwLogistic is a framework software component, which allows the integration of functionalities for logistic optimization within the existing ERPs of a company.

  • ROMA (Road Management System)

    A comprehensive technology solution for the treatment and professional management for linear infrastructure information