Economic Development

This sector encompasses highly diverse projects intended to achieve a real increase in the economic possibilities of the most disfavoured

Economic development is a process of growth in a country's production accompanied at the same time by various, multiple changes in structures, mentality and the training and capabilities of the population with the aim of carrying out the largest possible expansion of the economy and employment and increasing the quality of life of the people.

In this case, aspects like education, rural, local and regional development, market analysis and restructuring of industrial and production sectors are fundamental, with more specific actions such as these:

  • Regional Integration Processes.
  • Commercial agreements and negotiations.
  • Technical Assistance to the Private Sector and its most representative institutions: Federations, Confederations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc.
  • Promotion of the exportation and investment.
  • Removal of Technical barriers to trade (TBT)
  • Development of competitiveness at the country, regional and local levels
  • Support to SMEs.
  • Training for small producers