Contribution to the VII GIGAPP Congress 2016

For the first time this year, Eptisa has participated to the VII International Congress in Government, Administration and Pulblic Policies - GIGAPP 2016, which took place from October 3 to 5 in Madrid.

December 19, 2016

Created in 2009, GIGAPP aims to create a reflection and a debate on new concepts, ideas, proposals, and tools related to public administration and optimization of its performance.

For three days, a wide variety of sessions and work groups have presented their reflections and researches with the aim to discuss the future and modernization of public administration.

In this framework, the Division of Institutional, Economic and Social Development of Eptisa has been present with a work group titled "Approaches and tools for a more effective public management promoting sustainability and inclusion", involving Arantxa León, Erika Rodríguez, Fernando Varela, Luis Sánchez, and Oscar Domenella.

Four presentations have offered reflections on four aspects related to this issue: Results Based Management applied to International Cooperation Projects, the improvement of Municipal Management through indicators of performance, the potential of Social and Environmental Requirements in public bids in Latin America and lastly the role of Public Sector in the Promotion of a more Sustainable and Inclusive Economy.

The presentations have generated a reflection on the introduction of the concept of Sustainability in Public Management, and had a very positive echo among the attendees.

The improvement and modernization of public administration is essential to adapt the sector to the needs of a society more and more concerned by socio-environmental sustainability. This kind of initiative is one of the keys of access for a more efficient public management, taking into account the citizens and the planet.

 Contribution to the VII GIGAPP Congress 2016