The Project New Territories of Peace led by Eptisa is the scene of the Celebration of Europe Day in Colombia

The Project New Territories of Peace, whose technical assistance is led by Eptisa, has been selected as a framework for the celebration of Europe Day in Colombia on 9 May

June 23, 2016

The event took place in Florencia, capital of the Department of Caquetá, one of the regions where the Programme operates and where productive and social initiatives have been funded and launched for civil society organizations and departmental entities.

Representatives from the embassies of Finland, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom and Sweden, as well as the Ambassadors of Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Portugal, and the ambassador of the European Union Ana Paula Zaccarias, had the opportunity to visit the city and some of the projects implemented in the framework of the NTP Programme; they could be interviewed by local authorities, visit the Amazonian university where they set a dialogue with the students and the celebration finalized with a concert from the symphonic infantile orchestra “batuta”.

Caquetá has been one of the departments more affected by the armed conflict in Colombia. Thanks to the support of Programmes such as New Territories of Peace the population and the institutions have been turned into active agents for the building of peace in the territories. This is one of the most important challenges of European cooperation and from which are being drawn important lessons for the post-conflict phase.

The Ambassador of the European Union has indicated that “With New Territories of Peace we have sought to support entities and persons committed with the promotion of territorial conditions encouraging a culture of peace, driving the economic and sustainable development in the municipalities affected. The goal is to encourage conditions of life and opportunities of development that actually build a sustainable peace”…. The Ambassador added that “The UE has supported the building of peace in the country in the past; it is still doing it and will keep doing it in the future”.

 The Project New Territories of Peace led by Eptisa is the scene of the Celebration of Europe Day in Colombia