Quality of Aid

The monitoring and evaluation services provided to the EU have allow Eptisa to get to know the latest developments and trends in development cooperation

Eptisa has positioned itself as one of the most experienced consultants in the development of new aid modalities as well as monitoring and evaluating the quality of interventions for different cooperation agencies, as EuropeAid, or AECI.

Eptisa has participated in the identification, design, implementation and evaluation of operations of Programmatic Aid, Technical Assistance to General or Sectorial Budgetary Aid Programmes and Support to Sectorial Policy Programmes, in Latin America and Africa.

Eptisa follows closely the process of Reform of the Technical Assistance after the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Action Programme to proactively support the improvement process around the principles of Ownership, Alienation , Harmonization and Mutual Responsibility.

This type of projects allow us to get to know the evolution and the latest trends in development cooperation, financial and technical instruments, and all kinds of thematic or geographical programmes from the main cooperation agencies.