Social & Environmental Sustainability

Eptisa has the necessary capacity to implement sustainability improvement programs in different countries and regions

Lack of access to drinking water and wastewater services is one of today's biggest problems. Due to the consequences for health and social and economic development, access to these services by the most disfavoured population has become one of the main targets of world development cooperation.

Because of its long experience, Eptisa has become one of the most important consultants in this field.

Its main areas of activity include:

Climate Change

  • Definition of adaptation and mitigation plans
  • Analysis of climate risk
  • Energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint
  • Disasters risk reduction measures
  • Early warning systems

Sustainable Urban Development & Social Innovation

  • Urban development programs
  • Investment plans for sustainability
  • Social investment plans
  • Public participation processes
  • ICT and socio-environmental innovation

Socio-Environmental Approaches

  • Socio-environmental diagnostics
  • Analysis of local development contribution
  • Integration of socio-environmental aspects
  • Support for the establishment and management of alliances